Booches Custom Guitars was founded by Jason Landry and Joseph W. Landry with a mission to provide our clients with creative, custom, boutique electric guitars using exotic tonewood.

Within our custom shop in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, we are dedicated to passionately designing, building and delivering instruments to the world’s most highly respected guitar playing musicians and collectors alike. Each guitar takes at least two months to build from start to finish, and each one is a labor of love.

Our primary focus has been to use a fresh perspective on custom guitar designs worthy of any of the iconic predecessors who built guitars that have graced the stages and concerts halls worldwide. Using only top-of-the-line parts and teaming up with other boutique companies and manufactures to help bring our guitar sound to life, we invite you to plug in and see what you have been missing. Booches Custom Guitars sound as good as they look!

Since our environment is a wood shop and not a showroom, we don’t allow for tours at this time. To discover more about Booches Custom Guitars, please explore our website. To learn more about specifications on our available models and custom builds, please contact Jason at strum@boochesguitars.com.

We’re carving out your next obsession.